Saturday, August 1, 2009




  1. Very good research but there is also a lot of yDNA evidence which is largely ignored. There is proof that John of Longfield and Thomas of Cobbs did not have the same father via DNA testing. There are numerous Burton lines in the Burton DNA Project which is displayed at The various lines can be seen at the same url but put in pats instead of results.
    The Burtons of Longner Hall descend from a daughter whose husband took the Burton name. They have declined to submit to the DNA testing. Most of the testing has been done by FTDNA which is a very reliable company so draw your own conclusions as to why they won't test. I have decided that Burton was a popular choice for a surname when they were mandated. That is possibly why we have so many lines of Burtons. I may be reached a if anyone is interested in testing.

  2. Libby and others have done a lot of work with the Burton DNA project. You can find some good information at the worldfamilies link she lists above. She is correct in saying that DNA tests have determined that John of Longfield and Thomas of Cobbs did not have the same father. As a member of the Orange Co VA Burtons, I did the yDNA test at Family Tree DNA. I did not match the Henrico Co VA Burtons.
    I ordered further testing recently and when the results come back I plan to post a discussion of my results. At present, it seems my distant ancestors may have been Danish Vikings who settled (raided)the British Isles
    and started families there. My Burton family legend claims British ancestry and Burton is a fairly common name found in the British Isles.
    We need to do as much Burton male DNA testing as possible. It is painless and not terribly expensive. Libby is very knowledgable and active in this field. I would strongly encourage people visiting this site to check the DNA testing site out. Thanks for your comment Libby. Please feel free to add as much Burton DNA info as you can.

    Bob Burton