Monday, October 5, 2009

Joesph Wisdom Burton and Orpha Brooks and Sarah Ann Pyle

Joseph Wisdom Burton was the son of May Burton II, grandson of Ambrose Burton Sr. and great grandson of May Burton Sr. He was born on June 1, 1816 near Lexington, in Shelby Co. KY and died Jan 5, 1911 in Randolph Co MO. He married first Orpha Jane Brooks, and after her death married Sarah Ann Pyle. Also at this link is Thomas Waller Burton, the son of Joseph Wisdom Burton. T.W. married Matilda Abigail Terrill on November 29, 1866. T.W. Burton is my great grandfather. View their information at this link:


  1. On 10/26/09 I updated this document. Updates are in red. I plan to do a lot more work on this family in the near future. I am having fits with the tabs and margins on google docs!

    Bob Burton

  2. On 11/6/09 I updated this document with information provided by Tom Waters. Thanks Tom!
    These updates are in blue so people can see what's new. In a few months I'll change my red and blue updates to black. I used the "Higbee News" as a source for some of my information. Most of it came from paper clippings at the Historical Center in Moberly, MO. Some of it came from extracts by Kathy Bowlin. I have attempted to give Kathy Bowlin credit, where I used her extracts. Kathy has provided a great service to genealogists researching Randolph Co. MO by extracting articles from the Higbee News. Thanks Kathy!